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Summer Shine Mobile Auto Detail

We Bring The Shine To You

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Photo Gallery

1950 Chrysler Saratoga 1950 Chrysler Saratoga Chrysler First thing the vehicle needed a bath so we pressure washed and cleaned the outside removing all mold , mildew and dirt. 180730642 Chrysler 180730643 Chrysler 180730644 Chrysler 180730645 180730646 180730647 Chrysler After hand drying the vehicle we started on removing the oxidation 180730648 Chrysler As seen her the oxidation is removed from back half of vehicle 180730649 Chrysler Almost finished 180730650 Chrysler Now the vehicle is clean, the oxidation is removed and surface scratches are gone 180730651 Chrysler Finished Product 180730652 Chrysler Finished product, The Chrysler Saratoga turned out beautiful 180730653